Utah Cattleman Seedstock Edition

A special February edition of the Utah Cattleman Newsletter. Reach out to the best cattlemen in the region. This edition is a full color magazine that will help get the results you have been looking for. This yearly edition includes articles from industry leaders and is tailored for the Utah cattleman. We have a production team in place to meet your needs. Call today to reserve your space in this exciting edition. 

  • Excellent cost/reader rates
  • Color built into each rate
  • Reach your customers by February 1
  • Strongest mailing list in Utah
  • Reach nearly 2,500 people
  • Includes feature articles, news, and UCA updates

For advertising inquiries or additional information, please contact Logan Ipsen at 916-947-2392. Or fill out the advertising inquiry at the bottom of the page.

2020 Seedstock Edition

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Past Seedstock Issues